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Conservation and Rehabilitation Plan for Tighermt (Kasbah) Taourirt, Southern Morocco. Los Angeles: GCI, 2016. 400 p. ISBN: 987-1-937433-34-5

The oasis valleys of southern Morocco are home to thousands of earthen kasbahs and ksours, or fortified earthen settlements. From 2011 to 2016, the Getty Conservation Institute partnered with the Centre de Conservation et de Réhabilation du Patrimoine Architectural Atlasiques et Subatlasiques (CERKAS) in Morocco to develop a Conservation and Rehabilitation Plan (CRP) for one of the region’s most significant settlements, Kasbah Taourirt in Ouarzazate.

The objective was to develop a methodology for preserving the Kasbah that holistically addressed economic, social, cultural, and technical challenges and that served as a model for similar sites in the region. The project sought to establish an appropriate conservation process that respected the original fabric, preserved local building traditions, promoted earthen architecture, developed appropriate participatory processes and built local capacity.

Conservation and Rehabilitation Plan for Tighermt (Kasbah) Taourirt, Southern Morocco, is the final report from this project. It presents the work in ten chapters including documentation of the site; archival and historical research; conditions assessment of architectural fabric and wall paintings; significance and values of the Kasbah; policies adopted to guide the site’s re-use; conservation interventions; and recommendations for future conservation and management.

An extensive bibliography provides references related to the history and cultures of southern Morocco; Amazigh architecture and decorative arts; rehabilitation planning and intervention case studies; and practical references related to conservation of rammed earth. The appendix presents all documentation produced during the project.

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